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For supplementary income, I tutor kids from preschool to high school. Helping them out with their homework and projects, one night, I learned how little they know of our own Philippine Literature and how few the sources are in the internet. Only then did I realize that I am grateful because my sisters and I grew up enjoying and hearing folklore retold by our grandmother and later by our mother, who teaches (still teaching at 69!) Filipino in college. Even our university professors used to challenge us in employing Philippine folklore whenever we can, so kids may enjoy them (or even simply know that they exist).

I hope this will somehow respond and supplement our needs in the classroom.

The purpose of putting up i-STORYA is to preserve Philippine stories for reading enjoyment and for the benefit of our students who are seeking these kinds of information.

Many regions of the Philippines are rich sources of folklore. They are teeming with myths, legends, plays, riddles, and numerous folk materials.

The summaries I have posted here and the information regarding our literature have been written with every possible means used to preserve and convey the vigor and charm of our customs, the uniqueness of our mores, and the style and spirit with which these stories were retold by the informants and famous Filipino authors.


  • Panitikang Piliipino. (2nd Edition). Maria S. Ramos, Obdulia L. Atienza, Lucila A. Salazar, Anita R. Nazal. Katha Publishing Co., Inc. 1984
  • Panitikan ng Pilipinas. J Villa Panganiban, C.T. Panganiban, G. E. Matutue. Bede’s Publishing House, Inc., 1987
  • Philippine Legends. Gaudencio V. Aquino. National Book Store, Inc., 1972

*”Istorya” in our Hiligaynon dialect is synonymous to:

v: converse, chat, discourse, speak, chatter

n: conversation, story, history, account, narrative, colloquy

malip-ot nga istorya” = a short storypost.

  1. Congratulations! You’ve put your little “blueprint” into action. 🙂

  2. Great site. I agree that we have to promote our our literature and our own stories to the new generations of Filipinos. This is our soul and this is the essence of who we are.
    Great project! Am with in this!

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